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Chef William van Dyk’s passion for cooking with natural local ingredients and in particular, Fynbos, continues to evolve Gondwana’s uniquely Cape Fynbos Safari cuisine. Savour the remainder of the summer by adding a touch of Fynbos to the following to salads, sauces and more!  Fynbos Flavoured Butter Enhance the flavour of butter by infusing it […]

These vibrant butterflies, are commonly known as “pirates,” (Catacroptera cloanthe cloanthe) and earn their moniker through their tenacious demeanour, fiercely guarding their territory atop bare patches of earth and warding off intruders – any intruder, including the odd inquisitive human. With dazzling hues and impressive wingspans of approximately 58mm for males and 62mm for females,

On the evening of January 20th, we embarked on an enthralling expedition to conduct an evening insect survey. The primary objective was to capture moths that elude our usual observations. This intricate task entailed the strategic placement of UV lights designed to allure moths and other fascinating insects. While the survey did yield a few

Having received good rains over the hottest months between November and February, our magnificent Fynbos kingdom is blazon with colour. Standing out this month is the striking Paintbrush Lily (Haemanthus coccineus). This member of the Amaryllis family stands out as one of South Africa’s most captivating bulbs, boasting 22 distinct Haemanthus species. Regrettably, a disconcerting

Flightless Dung Beetles Return for the Season! We are thrilled to announce the return of our flightless dung beetles this season. These fascinating creatures have garnered attention worldwide, and according to National Geographic, recent research in South Africa has unveiled their remarkable ability to use the Milky Way for orientation and navigation as they roll

| We are very excited to be welcoming guests again at Gondwana’s Khoi San inspired Kwena Lodge.Every year we shut the lodge down briefly for some TLC. This year we also tackled an outdoor landscaping and decking project which has enhanced and expanded our outdoor recreational spaces for guests to enjoy the beautiful Cape Fynbos

Over the last few years the Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) has brought learners to Gondwana Game Reserve for environmental learning days. ​ In the last 5 years we have personally engaged with over 2000 primary school learners from our local community. The GCFs environmental education program focuses on teaching learners more about conservation and how they can implement conservation principals at home. ​ While the learners

The majestic Outeniqua and Swartberg Mountains that surround Gondwana to the North are the last visible evidence of Gondwanaland before the super continent split to how we know it today. In Paleogeography, Gondwana, originally Gondwanaland, is the name given to the more southerly of the two supercontinents which were part of the Pangea supercontinent that

Critically Endangered Gladiolus roseovenosus. Gladiolus roseovenosus is a rare winter rainfall species that grows in peaty sandstone soil on well drained slopes in the coastal foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains in the southern Cape. Learn more about this incredible plant, its characteristics and habitat on Gondwana    

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