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Dung Beetle Mania

Flightless Dung Beetles Return for the Season!

We are thrilled to announce the return of our flightless dung beetles this season. These fascinating creatures have garnered attention worldwide, and according to National Geographic, recent research in South Africa has unveiled their remarkable ability to use the Milky Way for orientation and navigation as they roll their dung balls in a straight line, relative to the galaxy’s bright stripe of light.

These incredible insects play a crucial role in our ecosystem, aiding in nutrient cycling by recycling dung as both food and breeding chambers, which they aptly call ‘brood balls’ for their offspring.

These tiny yet powerful beetles hold the title of the world’s strongest beetle, capable of pulling loads up to 1141 times their own body weight. Join us in celebrating the return of these ecological superheroes with their celestial navigational superpowers to guide them on their quest!” Join our daily Fynbos Experience and you are likely to see them at work in the field. These beautiful videos were captured by Jolandie Buck who is one of our conservation scientists, during a Fynbos Experience.

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