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Kwena Lodge

Newly refurbished

Experience an Authentic



Exhilarating Game Drives

Kwena Lodge

Newly refurbished

Gondwana Game Reserve
Luxury Safari Accommodation

Kwena Suites

14 stand-alone suites for two

Kwena Villas

Spacious 3 & 4 bedroom villas ideal for groups

Lehele Villas

Spacious and remotely located 3 & 4 bedroom villas ideal for families

Ulubisi House

Privately staffed exclusive lodge

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Gondwana Game Reserve - Luxury 5 Star Safari Lodge Accommodation

Gondwana Conservation Foundation

The Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) has been established as a non-profit organization to contribute to the conservation of South Africa’s threatened and endangered species.

The four pillars of the GCF

Endangered Wildlife
The GCF’s habitat restoration and management activities, are fundamental to its conservation of key endangered species such as rhino, bontebok, Cape mountain zebra and cheetah in the Western Cape. The GCF are contributing to halting biodiversity loss, which is a key objective.

Endangered Vegetation
The GCF’s work in restoring degraded habitats and implementing sustainable land management practices can contribute to the restoration of biodiversity for all ecosystems within the Cape Floristic Kingdom. The Cape Floristic Kingdom is the smallest and most critically endangered of all the floristic kingdoms and has been classified as world heritage site.

• Social Impact
The GCF’s focus on education and outreach, as well as its partnerships with local communities to engage and empower local communities in biodiversity conservation. The GCF’s approach to conservation recognizes the importance of ecosystem services for human well-being, and its conservation activities can contribute to enhancing these services.

• Biodiversity Restoration
The GCF’s strategy can contribute to achieving the goals and objectives of addressing the underlying drivers of biodiversity loss, promoting habitat restoration and species conservation and integrating different sectors in biodiversity conservation efforts.

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