Baby Rhino Update

A few months ago, one of our Rhino cows passed away from natural causes. Succeeding her was this adorable boy calf. He was taken to Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre to receive the best possible care and to ensure that he will be able to be rewilded in the future. A short update on our baby rhino from the vet nurse at Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre… he is doing so well!

“As of April, our little man will be drinking a total of 18L of milk per day. Gradually his milk and food intake increase on a monthly basis. With the amount of grass he is grazing on per day, he is 2 steps away of becoming a lawn mower! 😊”


“On Sunday 24 March, we moved him and Frank into a new enclosure that’s specifically designed for Rhino. The idea was to move him in a way where there is minimal to no stress and zero veterinary drugs needed. Over the last few years, I’ve changed the layout of a few enclosures in a way that I can use a gate way system to move my rehab patients from one enclosure to the next. While the needs of our animals change as they grow, I guide them to the next enclosure. Frank the sheep is at least familiar with the concept, so he has helped me loads with your Rhino and even shows him where the water trof is!  

So, in short… your Rhino has a healthy appetite, he loves a mud bath, is very passionate about taking frequent naps alongside Frank and most importantly, he is growing, hence why I gradually increase his milk intake and move him into larger camps with more space for grazing.”

In the video below is our boy napping and grazing at the same time!

We continue to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every Gondwana homeowner for their unwavering support,
as this little fellow grows.

If you would like to donate or support the Gondwana Conservation Foundation to support our conservation projects please email: marcel@gondwanagr.co.za

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