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Raquel de Castro Maia


Around this time of year, a breath-taking spectacle of nature unfolds on Gondwana as our winter-flowering Bearded Proteas burst into bloom. This magnificent event draws our endemic fynbos birds, elephants, and a plethora of insect life to our protea forested areas. Among the diverse fynbos winter species in bloom, you’ll also find the elegant Oleander-leafed […]


We’re thrilled to unveil our newly refurbished Lehele Lodge through a gallery showcase. Set to reopen on June 15th, 2024, Lehele Lodge stands as Gondwana’s exclusive Family Lodge, tailored to cater to children of all ages. Lehele lodge offers a unique blend of immersive nature activities designed to enrich the safari experience for the whole

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Here’s an update from last month on how our teams are progressing. These RED areas indicate the 1375.23 HA that have received treatment since March 2023 to date – the excellent rain and sunshine has stimulated regrowth of wattle. In particular areas that were treated early 2023 will require a follow soon. Our team has


A few months ago, one of our Rhino cows passed away from natural causes. Succeeding her was this adorable boy calf. He was taken to Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre to receive the best possible care and to ensure that he will be able to be rewilded in the future. A short update on our baby rhino


Our Uniquely Cape Endemic Equine Gondwana Private Game Reserve is proud to be the custodian of these two distinct species, with the extinct Cape quagga being replaced by their closest subspecies the Burchell’s zebra (Equus quagga burchellii) to serve as an ecological substitute on the reserve (but more on that in a future newsletter). Our


This striking Large Spotted Genet made its debut on the reserve just this month. Dr. De Graaf rescued this little fellow after finding it emaciated with a bite wound. When Willem Burger, our wildlife vet, opened its travel case, the genet, initially reserved and cautious, took its time acclimating to its new surroundings outside of


A delightful update from Ashia Cheetah Centre, wonderful to see these youngsters thriving and running! This video clip above was their very first run with the Lure. “The cubs have been showing a very positive reaction to the fitness runs, they instantly took to it and instinctively chased the lure. They’ve continued to do so


One of these incredible caterpillars transformed into an incredible moth on March 13th of this year! After burrowing underground in December, it finally completed its metamorphosis and surprised us all with its enormity and beauty. Autumn Afrikaner  Autumn Afrikaner – Gladiolus emiliae The Pine Emperor Moth (Nudaurelia cytherea) is one of the largest moths in


We are thrilled to share these beautiful blooms in flower this month. Please keep a special look out for our critically endangered Gladiolus roseovenosus and the HUGE Candelabra Lily, Brunsvigia josephiniae as species of interest. Autumn Afrikaner  Autumn Afrikaner – Gladiolus emiliae SANBI Red List status: Near Threatened B1ab(iii,v)Endemic to the Western Cape According to SANBI

The mere mention of the Honey Badger sparks a wave of excitement among fellow nature enthusiasts. These fascinating creatures consistently captivate us with their curious, confident, and resilient personalities, leaving us yearning for more sightings of them – they always leave us wanting more! This young Honey Badger was discovered in a state of emaciation

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