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Nesting Knysna Woodpecker

Our Pioneer trail guests were delighted to experience this woodpecker building a nest in an old tree at camp 3. ​The Knysna woodpecker is excavating a new breeding cavity, which they do every season. The nest will take a few weeks to build. ​

They choose a different location every year for their nest. The shape of the hole is oval and is situated about 2m off the ground. One of the guests who spotted the woodpecker building this nest accurately observed that the nest was being built in the shadow of the afternoon sun, which is to protect the eggs and chicks from overheating. ​

The clutch of eggs is incubated for about 12 days, and then the chick will only leave the nest in about 27 days, so our future Pioneer Trail guests will have some time to document and experience this marvel. ​

📸 @raqueldecastromaia

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